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There's many cost effective ways to utilise decals to change the appearance of your vehicle. Decals is a budget friendly option compared to digitally printing and wrapping a whole vehicle. Not only can we product appealing cut graphics, but we can also utilise decals for advertising! If you have a single colour logo, we can place this on either the body of your vehicle or even on windows!


Stripes are a simple way to aesthetically change the appearance of your vehicle without getting a complete wrap.

Whether you have an idea on what you're after or not, we can cater to your needs. We offer customised designs in house. Click here to contact us now to find out more


As you already know, Australia can get pretty hot.

Unfortunately not all paint can withstand the direct sunlight. This is where a roof wrap comes into play. It will protect your original paint from the strong UV rays. Roof wraps can be completed in various colours, most common being gloss black. Here at motorsport wraps, we believe that wrapping your roof gloss black also makes your vehicle appear lower (if you're going for a sleek look).