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Painting a car can take quite some time... Preparing the car through removing panels, engines, repairing, sanding, then applying primer, then sand some more and then paint some more again. This gets costly and time consuming. This is where wrapping your vehicle can be a great solution.

SHORT TURN AROUND TIMES >Wrapping a full vehicle can typically take between 2 and 3 days depending upon the vehicle and the type of vinyl.

COST EFFECTIVE >Painting your vehicle can be very costly especially the higher quality paint jobs. Wrapping your vehicle will only cost a fraction of this price!

REMOVABLE AND CHANGABLE >Want to revert back to the original paint in a few years time? Wrapping your vehicle with vinyl allows for this!


Across Avery and 3M we have a huge range of colours and finishes to wrap your vehicle in such as:

·      Gloss

·      Satin

·      Matte

·      Metallics

·      Carbon Fiber

·      Chrome

·      Brushed Metal

·      Camouflage

·      Holographic

·      Colour Shift



To view the colour charts click on the brands below.


Take the guesswork out of choosing a vehicle wrap! Use AVERY DENNISON'S Wrap Visualizer Tool to help you decide. With over 120 different colors, your creativity and options are endless with Supreme Wrapping Film and Conform Chrome Series products.