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One of the most simple and effective ways to advertise your business is put it on your moving billboard (aka, your vehicle)!

With all the traffic on the roads, there is no better way to have high exposure. In order to be unique, you must stand out and we can help you do this through exploring visually aesthetic designs with you. We can add simple details that make a big difference such as your logo to bring brand awareness and a way for the viewer to be able to contact you.


Branding is everything

We can guarantee you will know these brands below.

Nike, tick. Apple. Amazon. Google. Mercedes. All very well branded companies.

We highly recommend you to really dive in deep into the details when it comes to design. Consistency is key when it comes to branding and becoming recognisable to your future clients. Colours, shapes, style and words can all be memory triggers when it comes to people becoming familiar with your business.

Investment > Expense

Our philosophy is when it comes to being unique in a world full of noise, we believe that our artistic ability and quality is an investment rather than an expense. Our passion is quality and experience, and experience not only for you, but for the viewer too. This really can leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

How MW can help you

No branding?No worries, check out our design services and give us a buzz, we will be able to help you brand prior to beginning a wrap design.

If you are well branded, then we can begin the wrap process.

Alternatively, click here to contact us now and we will arrange a free consultation.

We have also created an extensive range of premade liveries ready for purchase. This will also save some time/money if you are on a tight budget or time schedule. Click the button below and check out our online catalogue of premade corporate liveries.


We offer corporate vehicle wraps for cars, utes, vans and trucks. Please utilise the information below to gain a simple understanding of coverage. (Note that coverage is not limited to these spots but it is to illustrate an approximation of coverage)

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